Takmak Fort

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home”

– Gary Snyder

It is truly said; they are some places that never make it into the center tourism stage, which makes them all the more attractive. Takmak Fort is definitely one of those places.

Category: Trekking (Day Trip Around Mumbai)

Takmak Fort is located at Sakwar Village, which falls under Thane District, approximately 22 km’s ahead of Virar Railway Station & approximately 80 km’s North of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Getting Here

Public Transport – Take a local train to Virar Station (Western Railway), from there proceed to Virar Fada in a shared auto or state bus from thereon, take a Tuk-Tuk (8 Seater Auto) to Sakwar Village (Note: Take the Tuk-Tuk drivers phone number for your return journey, just in case there’s no Tuk-Tuk at Sakwar Village on your way back).

Private Vehicle – Sakwar Village is located off the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, approximately 80 km’s from Central Mumbai. You can use Google Maps to get here.


Local Train: Standard cost INR 20, First Class INR 170 one way if travelling from Western Railway (Note: Download the M-Indicator Mobile App for train times, fares and much more).

State Bus costs INR 13 one way.

Tum-Tum costs INR 20 one way.

I set out on a solo bike and hike trip on a Sunday morning. I reached Sakwar Village at 8 am and started my climb by 8.25 am after convincing a local kid named Bharat to guide me to the summit. It took me an hour to reach the first ridge. The ridge and the view from it was gorgeous. Everything to the furthest visible distance was covered in lush greenery and when I turned back; I saw the clouds crashing against the summit. Absolute Dope!

The Summit of Takmak Fort

I took the gamble of carrying my camera during monsoons and it paid off. It took me an extra hour to reach the summit as I could not resist clicking 1000 pictures of the spectacular view’s this mountain offers (Note: The climb to the summit is steep and quite slippery so you need to be careful, because a slip at this altitude can be fatal).

The summit stands at 2000ft above mean sea level. What remains now of the fort is a few water tanks and 2 broken cannons. Takmak is a fortified height rather than a fort, as it consists of a hill-top, 400 yards long by about 100 broad. The view from the summit is astonishing! It gives the vast view of the plains below on either side, with the Vaitarna – Tansa confluence to our left towards the sea.

The Summit (Altitude 2000 ft.)
The view from the summit

I spent about 4 hours on the top before I started walking towards the base village. After reaching the base village I went further on to Ganeshpuri Temple which is some 7-8 km’s from Sakwar Village on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. The Temple has a natural hot water spring, this helped me to relax and it killed the little stress my body was feeling (Note: The water isn’t clean as people bathe in it, but good enough as you’re just submerging your body).

All in all it was a wonderful day and a highly recommended trek.

A humble request – Garbage disposal in the region is a major issue. Please carry your trash with you and dispose it at the appropriate place.


  • You will require a local to guide you to the top or else you are bound to get lost and alone you may never reach the summit. Local kids will ask you for INR 250-300. I offered Bharat biscuits and chocolates and he was more than happy to accompany me.
  • Trekking in the Sahyadris means trekking in dense forests, so always wear full length clothes along with comfortable shoes and keep an extra set of clothes for your journey back home.
  • Carry your food and water supplies or purchase it from Virar Station and please do carry your trash back.

P.S – Special thanks to Pratik Joshi for lending me his bike for this trip.

More pictures can be found on my Instagram account – https://instagram.com/unplugged_life

Happy Exploring !!!

Takmak Fort
Stepping into the unknown
The view from the summit
The view from the summit
Takmak Fort

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