Perks of Being an Explorer (Chinchoti Waterfalls)

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”

– Forrest Gump

Category: Trekking (Day Trip Around Mumbai)

Yes, life is indeed a surprise. I remember my first visit to Chinchoti Waterfalls. Along with 3 lads I set out to explore this hidden wonder and since then, I’ve been here several times and every experience has been a hell of a different adventure.

On my first visit here, we had taken a wrong route and ended up trekking a different mountain. It was a 5 hours trek, but never the less it was quite fun and a bit challenging since we climbed half of the mountain through the cold water stream running down.

Enjoy this video at Chinchoti Waterfalls Level 1

Getting Here

Local Train: Get down at Naigaon Station (East) on the Western Railway Line. Proceed towards the rickshaw stand outside the station and take a shared rickshaw to Chinchoti Naka. The rickshaw guy will drop you at a junction on the Mumbai – Gujarat – Ahmedabad Highway. From there walk a few km’s to reach Kaman Village and a little ahead to get to the narrow starting point. Once there, follow the path to get to wonderland.

Private Vehicle: Chinchoti Waterfalls is located at Kaman Village, approximately 52 km’s from Central Mumbai at a junction on the Mumbai – Gujarat – Ahmedabad Highway. You can use Google Maps to get here.


Local Train: Standard cost INR 05-20. First Class INR 50-170 one way if travelling from Western Railway (Note: Download the M-Indicator Mobile App for train times, fares and much more).

Rickshaw: Sharing INR 20 per seat one way. (In a shared rickshaw, you can pay and book more than one seat for you to buy comfort).

About Chinchoti Waterfalls

They’re 3 beautiful waterfalls here and we’ve named them Level 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Level 3 looks like the top of the mountain, but when I had climbed it during summers, I discovered that the top of Level 3 was the joining of two mountains and they are more waterfalls beyond, there’s also a narrow path through the dense forest which leads to Tungareshwar Waterfalls.

Level 1 (30 minutes hike from the starting point

As I call it; Level 1 is a diver’s paradise. Clean water and beautiful high rocks to jump off.

Take a look at this video at Level 1 (click here)

Level 1 (1)
Level 1

Level 2 (Just above Level 1)

The sliding zone, also safe for swimming as the water level is just 6 to 7 feet deep. You can slide down the waterfall, which is more fun than a water park slide.

Watch these videos at Level 2 (click here)(click here)

Level 2 (1)
Level 2

Level 2 Top

You can climb up to Level 2 Top from beside the waterfall. Dangerous? Yes, only if you slip! But that’s why you’re there right? For the adventure!


There’s a narrow path to the left of Level 2 which will take you to the top.

Watch this video taken from Level 2 Top (click here)

Level 2 Top (1)
Level 2 Top

Level 3

You can get there either by trekking through the dense forest from the left side of the waterfall or you can do it, as we call it; Rock to Rock (Ascending through the rocky water stream which is extreme fun).

The Level 3 waterfall is the most beautiful. It’s high and since not many choose to go that far up there’s no litter. The pressure of the fall is good to get a back or thigh massage.

Then there’s the mid top of Level 3 which is a rock climb away. The view and atmosphere of this place is extremely peaceful and relaxing. Far from civilization and close to Mother Nature.

Level 3 (1)
Level 3

Level 3 Top

I failed to summit level 3 on every occasion except for February 2015, when the grass was dry but I wouldn’t recommend that route. It was too crazy! I made my way up from the right side of the waterfall. It was by far the most adventurous day I had at Chinchoti, but there is a route which goes to the top and then further on to Tungareshwar Waterfalls. I got lost while searching for it and then finally took a call to descend from the same crazy route I used to summit Level 3.

Level 3 Top (1)

Chinchoti is a lively adventures place very close to Mumbai City. The cost of this lovely trip for me usually comes around to INR 150/- which includes snacks and the experience is astonishing!

What to Carry: Small backpack with your lunch box, water Bottle, towel and extra pair of clothes.

What to Wear: Shoes or sandal with good wet grip, t-shirt and three fourth pants.

When to Visit: June to November. (Note: Be careful during heavy rainfalls as the current in the river gets extremely fast).

A humble request – Garbage disposal in the region is a major issue. Please carry your trash with you and dispose it at the appropriate place.

More pictures can be found on my Instagram account –

Happy Exploring !!!

Level 1 (2)
Level 1
Level 2 (2)
Level 2
Level 2 (3)
Level 2
Level 2 Top (3)
Level 2
Level 2 Top (2)
Level 2 Top

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